crazyblogger | 26/10/2006, 17:27 hrs

Why do people identify themselves with a fruit or a vegetable????

 I was asked this question several times.... I really dont understand y people would compare themselves with a fruit or a vegetable ....One can compare with another person (this is understandable) but in which sense do we compare ourselves to a fruit..... I really wonder what fruit or vegetable I can identify with .... Im dont think im yellow in color to be compared to a mango /banana etc.... nor Iam green .... Im not red,pink,orange etc..... I cannot compare my self to a chikoo (even if Im brown).... Im not a potato ,carrot ,lady's finger or a tomato.... I cant compare myself with a snake gourd becoz im not lanky,I cannot compare myself to a potato becoz im not fat... I cant compare myself with a coconut but im not the "mild from inside n tough outside kind!!!" Iam me !!! why do I have to compare myself to a fruit/vegetable???

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Responses to comparisions!!!

  1. but if u have to compare urself to a fruit or a vegetable wud it be???

  2. may be a coconut,coz when i bump, ppl. end up with a lump.mild from inside,don't know.

  3. wow(that lump part is it true??) u r a coconut...

  4. may be i wud be a lady's finger (with thorns)

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