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crazyblogger | 31/10/2006, 10:04 hrs

Do we(Indians) speak english very fast???

I always thought we guys speak very slowly ....But some days back I was speaking to my client and he says "u guys speak really fast .It is very difficult to follow"
If the above is true then why arent we able to follow english movies.I heard many of my friends saying they cant follow each n every dialouge...Even I feel the same ....
Is it really true that we speak fast as if we are in a hurry to finish the sentence????

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  1. yeah even I heard complaints like this.May be we do speak faster than the english!!!

  2. I recently moved to London for PG.everyone in class had to give a pesentation on some topic.when I started with mine I was stoppe within a minute the teacher said,,,u speak too fast.Slow down.I began again but teacher called me back,,,she said u r oo fast.Practice speaking slow.

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