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Neurotron | 2 June 2004, 2:45pm

Sometimes, stuff just has to be said.

First things first - the name is NeuROtron. Not 'neutron'. There is a specific reason for this. If you are unable to comprehend, as seems to be the case with a few, do not worry - I will not call you dumb. But seeing the name spelt one way, right there in front of you, and STILL getting it wrong...well, that just begs a whack on the obviously malfuntioning cranium.

A neutron, at a basic physics level, is neutral. I am not. It sits in the centre of an atom and, for most practical purposes, does precisely fuck-all. I do not.

Now 'Neurotron', I would imagine, should not be too difficult to understand. 'Neuro-' refers to the brain, and '-tron' refers to machine. As in cyclotron, or animatron. Essentially, 'Neurotron' was meant to signify a 'brain-machine'. An entity that exits and survives by, and for, neural activity and stimulation. As we all are. Well, not all, by the looks of it.

I would have thought the blog description might have provided some clue. I even managed to put the title of Roger Waters' famous song 'Welcome to the Machine' in there. I guess I shouldn't have bothered.

So please...people I know/like can play with the name. Because I can at least imagine they understand the name. One does not, or at least should not, fuck around with something one does not understand. And remember what Mommy said - 'Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups'

Now, you wouldn't want me to call you 'assumption', would you?

Current Mood: Angry
Current Music: Scum of the earth - Rob Zombie

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