crazyblogger | 02/11/2006, 14:08 hrs

My fear!!!

People say that once we learn driving/swimming/cycling n things like that , we never forget in our lives.But I think I did forget swimming .I learnt it when I was in school n then stopped swimming after that.I tried to swim recently and I couldnt ....I felt I was drowning so I gave up...
I have this knack of learning things really fast but alas I also forget soon....
I decided to learn driving a four wheeler(car) , I joined a driving school and started going to the classes daily.I learnt driving in couple of days and I could drive in heavy traffic also ...
After learning I drove for some time and then I stopped driving .I tried to drive a car recently ,I was so tensed that I thought I could never drive again....God that was really too much!!!
Did I really forget driving??
I dont think I forgot driving altogether....Hope it wont be like this everytime I start driving !!!
Wish I wouldnt forget things soon.....

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