For a movie which embraces the triumph of the spirit, Seabiscuit for me has set new standards in story-telling. There were a point in the movie where it was possible to end the movie with a good enough ending, but it came back with a bang...just like the Biscuit himself. Maybe its the time of the morning and my general lack of sleep, or maybe its just my complete love for sports-movies of any kind...but this is a spectacular movie by any standards (at least by mine).

Every character was neatly sketched out with enough time given to understand Smith, Red, Howard and the Biscuit himself. Its almost like sitting in a tiny time capsule which takes the viewer back a good 8 decades...from the start with the Model T to the way the movie takes us through the early '90s, the great depression, and every other piece in history while keeping us connected with the central theme throughout. I mean, for a movie about horses, we aren't even introduced to a single horse race till the first 25 mins are past...or maybe I'm wrong. This is not a movie about horses, this is about the power of human will and every other lil idiosyncracy that it brings along. For 2 hours and 15 minutes, I did not dare to budge from my seat at the corner of the bed - sitting up for every race finish.

I was told to watch this movie to witness apparently awesome camera work at the end...looks like I missed it. Maybe it was because I was screaming "GO BISCUIT!" at 5:30AM in B-315...maybe I was completely immersed in my time capsule.

This was going to be a post about the movie Crash, the TV show LOST and a book titled Blackbox which have strikingly similar tales...but I guess that will have to wait while I look back at the story of a horse and 3 men who never said goodbye to their dreams. A story about never giving up, a wonderfully simple tale told in an almost perfect manner. A perfect movie about imperfect people.

"You don't throw away a whole life just 'cause he's banged up a little."


So whats Payne upto apart from watching a movie once every...umm..full moon?


IRIS 2006 is only 4 days away. :) Am gonna miss all the work...or maybe not.

I really should post about different topics. But then, movies are so easy to write about. A multitude of emotions are always difficult to put down on paper or type out. Sometimes, its better for them to stay in my head then to exist in tangible reality somewhere. Or maybe not.

This post is for you. With no strings attached.

Payne. Maybe.


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