Movies-The Ending.....

crazyblogger | 09/11/2006, 13:54 hrs

Movies-The Ending.....

My Favourite passtime .I just  love watching movies .My parents were never interseted in movies so I didnt go to many movies when I was young .After joining degree I saw many movies ....When ever I got bored my friends and me used to go to movies.
Once the class was really boring(this is the situation daily) and one of my friends suggested that we go to a movie.
All of us thought that it would be better than sitting in the boring class.
We came out of the class and went to the theatre there was this 15th park avenue (released on that day itself).We tried for tickets but there were only two of them so we went to my friends place (a CD shop wala used to get all new movies ) and started watch ing the movie .The movie was abt a girl who is mentally challanged.I saw it for a while and got bored but my friends wanted to see the whole movie so I sat there n tried chatting  with my friend...Then suddenly I saw there was one scenen where the hero i.e rahul bose , konkana, shabana will be searching for an address and then konkana goes into a house and sees her husband n children .She vanishes from the road and the others keep searching for her ....They dont find her so they go back....N the movie ends here ..... I couldnt understand what the ending was ....
Or what the director was trying to tell .....It was one such stupid movie !!!!
I thought I would never watch such movies in my life!!!

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