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Neurotron | 2 June 2004, 6:11pm

I do believe a few feathers have been ruffled by the last post. So here is the clarification.

It was actually intended to be funny. I guess the humour in the voice doesn't always translate onto the text. Anyway, I was imagining saying it to a friend of mine, who does this just to piss me off (and partly because he doesn't understand the meaning). I know for a fact he would have laughed at the way I said it and the purpose would have been achieved - he would have made the correction.

And this has been going on for a while, so I was pissed off. This is my name here, in this virtual land. People like to be called by their names. It's as simple as that. Friends, family, and people I like or admire are allowed to modify it. Probably the mode of correction I used could have been better. But hey, I had to let off some steam.

The good thing though, is that there are still people who understand, and forget easily, once the issue is sorted out.

[A, A, - you guys know this is not about you. DR - thanks, again :-)]

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Current Music: The Talented Mr. Ripley - Miles Davis

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  1. 1. By ar  |  2 Jun 2004, 7:11pm

    You're saying that i can't call you names????? *shock* *shock*..... say its not true... say nay before my senses fray.....

  2. 2. By Aran  |  2 Jun 2004, 9:44pm

    Who? What? How? I missed an entire controversy on fh? I came in when it was all over? Hey, do it again for me! Please. :D

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