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My Craziest Week In University!

rock_26iin | 13 November, 2006 03:40

This has been my craziest week at univ so far.

The initial part was pretty routine but then it gets interesting

Monday - Not much happened

Tuesday - Bio midterm. Helped a frend to study after the midterm

Tuesday nite - Roamed arnd rez till 4

Wednesday morning - 4:30 AM - went to sleep
5:00 PM - woke up
5:30 PM - meeting of debate club
7:00 PM - had dinner

Wednesday nite - roamed arnd again, , got onto yahoo and chatted to ppl back home till 7. DID NOT SLEEP!

Thursday morning - roamed arnd campus for almost 2 hrs doing nothing. played video games for the next few hours. food, computer etc etc ate up the rest of the day

Thursday nite - roamed arnd rez, had work from 12AM - 4AM. Stayed up the rest of the time in the study centre with frends making non-veg jokes abt dinosaurs and bull scrotum. DID NOT SLEEP

Friday morning - 8:30 AM - Maths Test (suffice to say did badly on it)
food, frends, etc etc
2:30 PM - Chemistry test (scored a frikking 96 on it)
Friends, food, other stuff.
5:30 PM - Lost the keys to my room!!!
9PM - Headed to the kegger!!! After nearly 50 hrs of no sleep
Drank over 20 glasses of purple jesus (grape juice mixed with vodka) of which nearly 10 were chugged.

Some of the things i did while drunk:

[list][*]Sat down randomly almost newhere
[*]Tried talking to a girl's breasts
[*]Stood in a corner and screamt "I Love Ya" in a highly shrill voice for 5 - 15 mins
[*]Went outside and spoke to a guy for 15 mins abt racism and i dont remember a word i said (he hugged me at the end of the conversation so i suppose i made an impression)
[*]Wore a hoolah skirt and a blinking santa hat simultaneously (just so u know, wore the skirt over my pants. did not take them off)[/list]

Was walked home by a frend who put me to bed on his bed (coz my room keys were still lost, poor guy slept on the floor)

Woke up at 5:30 at roamed around a bit and was told the following story by two girls (one of which was the one whose breasts i was talking to):

"You stumbled into the girls washroom at arnd 3, took ure pants off and peed all over the place"

Apparently the girls cant use their washroom nemore (till it gets cleaned on monday) and have to use the guy's.

Went back to bed and woke up at 11 AM (its saturday morning now btw.)

Found an RA and got him to open my room for me and was informed i have to pay arnd 80$ to get my lock changed and new keys made.

Had lunch with friends from Cartier. Roamed around. Tried to clean my room up a bit. Rest of the day just went by.

Roamed around again at arnd 7ish and found my keys in my jacket!!

Went for Borat at arnd 9ish with frends. First half was hilarious, got stupid towards the end.

Walked arnd downtown for a bit and then called a cab back to university

Went to the Dragon's Inn for dinner which was good. Left there around 1 AM. Then went up to frend's room again and watched Edward Scissor-Hands. Loved the movie.

Came back down and poker was on in the lounge. Watched some of it. Its 5AM now and im back in my room writing this. Now im gonna post it and go to sleep.



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sesha | 28/11/2006, 17:01

The background and the font have made this obscure. Please allow us to read.

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no-no lowly | 29/11/2006, 04:07

Previous posts are a pomp of decanting ardor through firm rille.
This post trampled the classiness and a veer to the amour propre of prior posts.

Effaceable rights devolved.
Feel free to delete.

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rock_26iin | 29/11/2006, 10:13

Haha, then again, i may be accused of being, say, monotony eh?

A bit of craziness is not always a bad thing.

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rock_26iin | 29/11/2006, 12:26

that should be "monotonous", not "monotony"

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Acumen | 30/11/2006, 04:09

Right.Not bad and no one is wrong.It's the mystic presence of right timing,sheer necessity,puissant desire,consummate chance a play called cosmic circle of life.

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rock_26iin | 30/11/2006, 08:11

This is getting out of hand...

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Dalordvirus | 08/01/2007, 02:27

You roam a lot, don't you?

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