Is it?

Its interesting how in the past one year since I've started this program, I've never *never* blogged about what just happens to the biggest non-human love in my life> Marketing.

But then, this post is not about marketing.

This is a tribute to arguably the best professor I've come across in my academic life so far. Not that I've witnessed the very best in all these 19 years of education, but hey...this guy rocks! :D

He taught us B2B marketing - and boy have we learned. To the point where classroom experiences creep out into daily life...where case studies are no longer simple ppts and snore-sessions but 3 hrs of gripping discussions, where the prof actually has real-life anecdotes to narrate to us. A prof with a sense of humor, years of experience and a taste for drama. Each 90 minute session transformed into a captivating theatre-play with real-life characters and one helluva narrator.

I've always contended that the greatness of a prof is measured by the number of "dramatic_silence" moments that happen in class. One or two in a course is rare, but then Mr.MK comes up with these in every class, again and again. From narrating his short-stories to how each of the companies analysed either "doesn't exist anymore" or "is now very very rich" to the corporate jail in Bangalore to every little idiosyncrasy that makes the man who he is - an outstanding marketing professional.

Here's to you Mr.MK! Here's to making marketing more real, more intoxicating and much much more fun!


PS: No, marketing is not only about winning. It is also about losing gracefully, sometimes.

PPS: How can a post be complete without a pic? :) I call this one "Holy Smokes"

Parikrama, Live in Concert at IIM Indore. November 12, 2006

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