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3 Jun 2004

Mani or Money?

Posted by Oblivion in General | 7:18am

Here's what Mani Ratnam said when he was asked how he feels when people criticise his film (source: Rediff.com) -

"You want to hit them first. (laughs).

After the anger has gone away, you try and find out whether there is a valid point in what they are saying. You know the ins and outs of your film. When I see a film, I have an opinion. Everybody has an opinion.

If you wanted to make a film the way you want, you go ahead and make it. I am here because I feel I can make a commercial film from my perspective."

The last sentence should silence all those critics who review a film and write just about anything, out of sheer impatience to meet the deadline, taking support of stupid metrics.

When it's a Mani Ratnam film, should it matter if it makes money or not? He makes great stuff. Period.

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  1. By mls

    4 Jun 2004, 2:30pm [ Reply ]

    seriously, thats one of the funnier comment i've read.. :)

  2. By http://lifeisabitch.fullhydblo

    3 Jun 2004, 11:45am [ Reply ]

    Now that's what I'm talking about. I cannot believe the so called critics, who're as lovable as a hedgehog in a barbed wire rolling all over your naked body, rated Main Hoon Na better than Yuva. It's not even funny. The situation, not Main Hoon Na. Stupidity often rips you apart...

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