Some Easy Treatments for Cough:

1. Grape Juice, if taken with honey can be very good for getting rid of cough.

2. Fill one cut lemon with black pepper powder and salt, then suck it to reduce cough.

3. Almonds are very good for dry cough. Soak them in water for some time, then make a fine paste with 20 gram of butter and sugar after removing the brown skin from the almonds. Take this paste twice a day - once in morning and once in evening.

4. Spinach juice can be effective for dry cough. It can be diluted with water. It may be helpful to gargle the mouth with warm spinach juice.

5. Basil(tulsi), mixed with aniseed (saunf) and black pepper should be taken 2-3 times in a day.

6. Drink warm carrot juice, it may provide relief from cough and improve the general health of the patient.


When should you call the doctor?

If you had cough for more than 3-5 days, it may be chronic. Chronic means that this may last for a long time. The following can help you decide if you need to see your doctor:

>>> If you are coughing blood

>>> If you are wheezing (making up a whistling sound while breathing in)

>>> Have a high temperature along with cough

>>> If you frequently face this problem of coughing every few days.


Smoking may cause cough that does not go away easily. In such cases you need to stop smoking. Various methods to help you quit smoking are: nicotine patches, gum, nasal spray etc. You can seek professional help to quit this habit.