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A new site called

Coolguy | 21 December 2006, 6:59pm


I came across this new site called which sells tickets for the One Party New Year Bash. It seems like a pretty cool site that also handles online order for food, flowers and car rentals.

I am going to try them soon and will update you on their service. If any one has already tried their services and had good/bad experiences, let me know.



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  1. 1. By Vamsi  |  24 Dec 2006, 9:12am

    I have them out (ordered from The Ofen) and the service was pretty good. They call you back to confirm the order and the delivery was pretty much on time. I just wish they had more restaurants listed on their site.

  2. 2. By Sandeep  |  22 Feb 2007, 1:11am

    Pretty good...

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