Ecstatic Failure

Think it over

10 Things I Have Learned

rock_26iin | 21 January, 2007 12:41

1. Everybody, every single person wears a mask

2. There is no such thing as a genuine person

3. People believe that circumstances define them. With the power of human will, circumstances can be defined by the people

4. Scarred hearts heal too slowly. Scarred egos don't heal at all.

5. You can be double-crossed by anyone, even your closest friends...or so you think they are.

6. A 'yes' can be easily converted into a 'no', given a plausible (not necessarily accurate) explanation

7. Memory is your only true possession, relish it for as long as you have it. Don't forget the bad times either, they will help you along your way

8. Hope is a wonderful abstract.

9. Wrath, rage and anger are to be expressed, and expressed only towards whom they are directed.

10. Life always comes back to you full circle.



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Sharjeel | 22/01/2007, 12:20

My turn to say wtf!?! now, but it is out of awe.

Most of these are absolutely true...

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jai | 24/01/2007, 12:18

alright Confucius

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Viju | 31/01/2007, 00:06

there is a science called "Human Psychology" that better explains all of these!!!! nothing is perfect and its not meant to be anyway...we are in a dynamic state..24/7. So just suck it up and learn to live!

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rock_26iin | 31/01/2007, 04:57

Hahahahahahahaha, you telling me to suck it up?!?! Hahahahahahhhahaha, thats the funniest thing ive heard in a loooooooooong ass while, thanx man

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