Black clouds looming large

aloque | 03/06/2004, 12:49 hrs

Woke up this morning,

feeling so unclean.


Won't wash off my skin,

the stink is in deep.


One multiplies a ton,

thoughts beome a million,


run amuck in stampede,

I just want again to sleep.


Thoughts of tomorrow,

now weight of the world.


Showing me a new low

I am digging a hole,


to shut out the world,

to fester in, to wallow.


Self pity will console

I will hungrily swallow.


I verge on losing it.,

the way out is up,


I know, I know it,

all i need is to get up,


I know, I know it,

but just let me slip.


I am an addict,

even if my life is pathetic.

Current Mood: Gloomy
Current Music: highway star

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Responses to Black clouds looming large

  1. u verbed 'verge'! I like...

  2. I can relate to that. Hang in there. :)

    Good words.

  3. "the diff b/w a grave and a rut is only in its depth" select where u want to be, coz self pity is sthg that will def send u to an early grave..very destructive that #$!#!@#$ emotion..i know,sighh , i just know :(

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