THIS is irony. I live through 20 months looking forward to life beyond B-school. I step into this place with a view to make the most out of it, and move on. I tell myself that this will soon end, and the real life would begin. And then, I realize that these 500-odd days have been life itself. Some of the very best days of my life. Ending a week from now.

It's not goodbye yet. I know that. But this past week has gone by in me cribbing about so many things about a few placements that I've missed the big picture completely. This is it. This is the very end of a phase of my life. A phase that has lasted 18 long years. Of going to classes, of taking exams, of being a student...of being that guy on that bench. Of passing notes,of bunking classes, of waking up in the morning and sayin 'fuck this. am staying home',  of going late to classes, of jus hangin' around in the corridors, of waitin for grades, of muggin' late nights, of walking out early of exams...of not being a great student at all. :D

Fuck this. I shan't be senti. When I saw my bro passin' out his b-school, I wondered why the heck are they gettin' so senti abt this darn thing. I swore I wouldn't. And am not going to. Am gonna go out there and have that maggi. Sit here and watch my TV shows. I shall plonk my fat arse on my Blue_chair_with_extra_cushion and challenge the limits of elasticity of a human body. I shall go out with those idiots whom I call my friends and pretend am not gonna miss 'em when I leave this place. I shall crack crude jokes and laugh it all off. I shall procrastinate and be myself. I shall spend my time on the phone, I shall walk the corridors with a battered Sony-Ericsson stuck to my ear. I shall keep my room a gloriful mess and sleep on the same pile of clothes. I shall be me.

'Cuz after all, all I have is 7 days to live life the way I know best. To be the crazy senti bugger who swears not to be senti ever. :D

Bring it on! The beginning of the end!

I am NOT saying goodbye.



PS: All the best to me.

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