You've gotta love these moments. :D

I can count 3 of them in any MBA aspirant's lives or prolly only Payne's. 1) The CAT itself. 2) Ze summers in that B-school and 3) The finals.

So, ladies and gentleman, it is time for Payne to cross the final frontier. As the many toothpaste and coconut oil companies line up to pick n choose the miniscule numbers they come for, Payne gets ready. Once Again.

Checklist time!

1. Inspiring music. Check! It's time for arbit dramatic OSTs from the best of my collection - Armageddon now.

2. Last minute mugging? Check! Everything from distribution to the no. of outlets in rural India.

3. Ze suit and ze boot? Check!

4. Ze comfy undahweah? Check!

5. All possible answers to all possible questions including "why do you want to run around villages in the searing heat talking to rambabu instead of convincing mr.saxena to invest in MFs?". A *loud* check! (to counter louder music)

6. Pressing Send/Recieve in Outlook Express waiting for last minute shortlists. Check!

7. Post on dead blog about these mundane things. Check! :D

I guess am kinda immature. To be overwhelmed by the occasion than the task at hand, but heck...I've turned out fine so far. :) God's grace indeed. :D

So here's to the journey being more important than the destination! Here's to 2 years wrapping up in a few days!

Here's to the final frontier.


PS: All the best to all of ye. :)

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