Glass totally full!

aloque | 04/06/2004, 22:18 hrs

I know i shouldn't sell people short. I should never judge a book by its cover or a guy by his purple shirt and yellow pants. No, wait a minute, that dude needs help. But, you see where i am going.

I had that blasted night duty again and went there fearing the worst but ended up having a great conversation with a guy double my age. Life never ceases to amaze. This man was the doctor in charge and he had a life of misfortune. No one can even begin to guess what he'd been through when they look at the funny smirk he wears on his face all the time.

We talked about magic, card tricks, paranormal phenomena, yoga, mind control, tantric sex, god, fate, luck and a few other issues. The man lost about 3 years of his practice recovering from a fractured hip, fractured leg, fractured arm and a fractured skull that happened on SEPARATE occassions in the space of a few years. He was told he'd never walk again twice. One fine day, he spontaneously lost his eyesight to a rare disease that we haven't much information about, nor have any idea of how to treat. His eyes were injected with drugs for 6 months which he spent in total darkness, and he was told he'd never see again. Today, he swims, does yoga and has 20/20 vision. That doesn't say much about us doctors when it comes to prognosis, but it does say a lot about the human spirit and its endurance against all odds.

Before we finally went to sleep, he just wished me luck with my life and when I wished him the same, he said that he'd been lucky all his life. Optimism is an amazing healer.


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Responses to Glass totally full!

  1. Wow! You bounced right back with this one. See the post before this and this one. Such a world of difference. And wow again. Keep smiling. You look good that way. :)

    btw, can the next post be about tantric sex? I'm intrigued. :p

  2. Sorry, thinking more on the subject... it's not dirty old men with long beards going at it, is it? Tantric sex, I mean. Now that's something I won't want to know more about! :D

  3. come to me when you're a dirty old woman and if my beard doesn't get in the way, it will be worth the wait!!!

  4. Is that a no? As in - "No, the next post is NOT about what you want it to be".

  5. Visit knee jerk

    even sting has given up on tantric sex..u guys still at it? :p...and yes, we're are all lucky, for we wud never exchange our "familiar evil" for an unknown one, given a chance..i guess we need to convince ourselves to look for the rainbows instead of whining abt getting wet in the rain (not a bad idea in itself ) :D

  6. knee jerk ....knee jerk.... i was damning myself for having a memory of that name and not being able to remember exactly. Then it came all of a sudden....
    hey, welcome to fh. you are a really good writer.

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