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and where it all grows, the great and mediocre not me a one of them, to be a humble hoper

The NRI of a lesser God.

thekabaka | 19 May, 2007 23:39

The Good ol



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Reeteshinator | 20/05/2007, 00:50

nice one Man! Its really sad when everyone thinks that there is no place abroad other than the US.

They are ignorant, its just like you said about the chocolates. They dont know the actual things and live in the darkness that is ignorance.

There are only two people, RIs or NRIs the NRI can be from anywhere , but he is nothing less of an Indian than any RI, thats for sure, its only because s/he Lived/s there that s/he gets the label .

and dude! Africa is not a Country? Then I think will loose marks in my geography exam:P

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darthvader | 20/05/2007, 03:31

If u feel inferior, then it is your own fault, no one elses.
As for the many many indians leaving home, let them, it is their choice, im an ethical egoist and i believe its their own right to do so. Trust me many want to come back home, but hey, who would leave a place where your talents are truly being appreciated(your being paid right) and fast developing, and face it the chocolates or whatever taste better etc because they are from america implies they are of finer quality, switzerland is being appreciated by that country and inturn by us(we all know they are swiss made,but we would never have gotten em if not hor america) probably the country would give up making chocolates due to lack of business and lo we lost those beautiful chocolates that could have been...same goes to rayban.Its all a matter of progress, i think perhaps u need to broaden you mind,things are more than just working for your counrtry to develop it(u stay back and do it for free) its more about survival as well, look at the other side of the coin, you wouldnt say all this,if u were american(right now, if you can just appreciate things you would be better than any american because of your humility).Im a better copmuter programmer today because of all the many foreign authors as well as indians who taught me through their books, and i appreciate eery one of them for it, i imagine better vecause i appreciate the creator of star wars for his. Do u see what im trying to say?

Try getting your hands on "the life and times of uncle scrooge".

You may loathe me now, and say im not a patriot, i love my country and i dont need to show u or tell u shit to prove it, accents etc they all just medium in a modern world, unnecessary u may say, perhaps that is what our ancestors said about english, but look what language your blog is in. Really disgusted that someone from my atavism can stoop so low to write something like this, if you are insulted and in pain then you deserve to be.

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darthvader | 20/05/2007, 03:40

in terms that you can understand....what all this looks like is....u are walking on the street with a name tag and asking people to love you.
Earn it.

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Twigrl | 20/05/2007, 10:36


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