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26 Jun 2007

The Soldier Bids Adieu

Posted by Oblivion in General | 12:20pm

Deliverance comes knocking
In the disguise of death
The uninvited guest walks in
And looks at me askance
Impatience glows in His eyes
As He, with air of indifference
Awaits to finish the errand

Lying low, beaten and helpless
On ground drenched in blood
I plead Him a few moments more
But He cares not, and I go
Watching with tear-dimmed eyes
The embers of fond memories
And the unsaid final words

Ye all the loves of life
The final sojourn beckons
Forgive me as I go thus
A silent, hurried, remorseful exit
To a world unseen and unknown
Leaving behind not a trace
Of either the here or the hereafter

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  1. By sanjukta

    19 Sep 2007, 11:11am [ Reply ]

    WOW...This one is really good.. also liked the 3 liners..

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