aloque | 07/06/2004, 18:53 hrs

Mother, mother, MOTHER,

does my voice reach

your hardened ears?

Mother, mother, MOTHER,

my pleas, do they beseech

your eyes that forgot tears?



I remember the jingle,

when love was a caress,

of hands bedecked in bangles.

Now, you cannot care less,

you sleep, I lie mangled,

in our beds of duress.



I know your love is alive,

now it lies with another son.

It destroys me to believe

I am not your favourite one.

All your love was to deceive,

I cannot learn this lesson.



S is one of four children. He and his brother are both suffering from measles and are admitted in a ward I work in. His mother takes care of his brother while he is looked after by his grandmother. We did not know that the woman was his mother until 4 days after he was admitted. That's how much attention he got from her. She was lying down and playing with her other son when the doctors were discussing the child's mental status and how we were worried at his abnormal lack of enthusiasm. The child has no zest for life while his brother is a really active and extroverted. I was speaking to the grandmother and she said S has gradually become withdrawn and didn't speak as much anymore. The only sound I heard from him when I spent an hour with him today was a stifled cry when I gave him a shot. And the woman wants more children. Makes me want to drug her coffee and snip her tubes. (only partially kidding. I would do it in a lawless world).

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Responses to Mother

  1. Remember this from some feature on Discovery / NGC .. between two cubs the lioness always chooses the healthier one as it would be better equipped for survival. Thats how the world is I guess, not fair!

  2. over simplification?

  3. not really! selective retention. I saw this a good 6-7 yrs back

  4. who said it's not fair? It's only natural, at a basic level. Not human, or humane, but natural.

  5. you are prolly right Neuro! I was only thinking aloud from the weaker cub's perspective ...

  6. doesn't make sense to say we aren't human but are following some primitive instinct. one cannot be excluded from the other. If this is indeed part of our psyche then thats who we are.
    but, i beg to differ. i have seen people show more love to a sick child than a healthy one. isn't that humane? in my opinion that is human as well.

  7. oh! btw for those who are interested, he spoke today.

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