Dating can be dangerous to the logical mind

aloque | 08/06/2004, 15:38 hrs


Dating is such a mind game now. Crazy statutes of limitation on everything possible. No wonder us dudes are a confused lot!

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picture this                  out on the town                    having a good time                   totally hot chick at 9 o clock

way out of your league, man

wonder what a league is? never been in one. is there some kind of secret examination i have to go through to get into 'the league'?

No, just a good plastic surgeon!

After much confusion, let's hypothetically say that I found someone in my own 'league' and she even gave me her number.

so i call her the next day.

Wrong move. Too soon, idiot!

What? Why did she give me her number if she didn't want me to call?

Well, you don't want her to think you are desperate, do you?

Damn it, man. sure I am desperate. I haven't been on a date in more than a year. Of course I want to call the girl who gave me her number. why would I even get her number if I was already dating someone else? Is there some kind of statute on spacing between the acquirement of the number and actual contact? Maybe she should have given me her address and I'd send her a post card that will get to her after an appropriate period of time.

When is the right time to call, then?

Well, call her after a few days and act like you totally forgot about her and came across her number when you were deleting some numbers to create some space on your congested 3000 phone number capacity nokia 12947.

err dude, but I don't think nokia has a model like that.

You dumbfu**, do you want to go out with this girl or what?

Sure enough, a week later I am having coffee with her and had a great time. So, I go home happy telling myself I shouldn't call her lest she think I am desperate and I didn't know why that was bad except that someone with a whole bunch of dating experience told me so.

Wrong move, Retardo.

You want her to think spending time with her was so boring that you won't even call her?

No, man, she was great. I think I like her.

Then call her, dumbass.

SoI do and have a great conversation. Light hearted and flirtatious with a small spattering of serious questions. Left me wanting to call her again. Surely, she'll know that I like her company then.

Wrong move, dipsh*t.

Give her some space. You don't want to be too needy and scare her away, right?

So, I spend two more days of impatience before I ask her out again.

Turns out the movie was really good and dinner even better. I even had a lot of qualities of her ideal man, even though she doesn't know yet. I think I have a chance of something good with this girl. And, I go home all excited, and pour my heart out.

You aren't planning to let her know that you like her, do you?

Why, yeah, shouldn't I?

Your funeral. Has she even called you? What if she doesn't like you like you like her? What if you ruin a friendship that could be something special? Give her more time to figure you out.

Yeah, she called me a couple of times to tell me she was going to be late, and of course I want to be her friend, but I also want to be more than that. Why can't I say that?

*rolls eyes*

So ten dates and two months later I finally tell her that I think I kinda like her, when I am dying to hold her in my arms for the rest of eternity, and we are a couple.

If dating is a game, and games can be fun, then i am not cut out for fun and games. I am going to continue to think there is an equally boring person out there for me somewhere that I am going to ask out the moment I see , call her thrice a day and not think about it, tell her I love her when I do and not wait for an 'appropriate' period of time. My life is too short for half truths.

Next time, relationships!

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Responses to Dating can be dangerous to the logical mind

  1. perfect sense. perfect thought. perfect for any intelligent girl. but when are you gonna actually do it?

  2. born ready. but it takes two. what time is good for you?

  3. i thought you din't hit on your already existing friends.

  4. if already existing friends assume alternate identities, its all fair game,baby

  5. who said it's unfair... i always have fun, fair or otherwise.

  6. pbbbtthhhhhhtthhthhh......sure

  7. hate to interrupt the..whatever..but do already existing friends have OTHER friends they can bring along?
    That is, of course, hoping Aloque will be kind enuf to let me tag along and learn from the master...

  8. since THIS already existing friend isn't Neurotron's already existing friend but would just be a new friend already existing in aloque's world, we could just forget about OTHER friends. I am game to be a teaching tool for the 'Hitting Impaired'.

  9. I'm thinking the OTHER friend would be for aloque's benefit. Poor guy needs someone to demonstrate those teachings to Neurotron and aloque's existing friend. Nothing like a practical demonstration. :D

  10. dayum!!... dayum!!... was feverishly hoping that loophole will go unnoticed... dayum!! too many intelligent folks online these days, no wonder the country is going to dogs. will YOU be the OTHER friend, aran... ?

  11. The JaszMan's number fan is a good blogger. I'm proud of you my boy. BTW need some air in my some hot air lying around?

  12. 36 hours without sleep. will wake up tomorrow and see if this still sounds like a bunch of crap.

  13. Will I be the OTHER friend? Wow...!!! That was... er... I didn't really mean that, you know. I was just... trying to help...

  14. but you WOULD be helping, if you deign to be the OTHER friend. put on your fancy pants and high heels and lets get down to some dating blunders :D.

  15. I like that last idea. Are we all in then - already existing and OTHER friends?

  16. am i an existin friend?....or an OTHER friend?...n wts d deal wit Jasz's "number fan"...:-S as a certified S.A.I.N.T i request that i be a part of dis mission too SIR!

  17. hey s.a.i.n.t.
    dude, this mission file has been shut. will reopen this can of worms at a later date. will rendezvous there.
    over and out

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