Ecstatic Failure

Think it over

Keep Walking

rock_26iin | 31 December, 2007 05:12

You give and give and give and give and what does life give you in return?


You hold on, you move on, you think of letting go, you try, you return, you get fucked over. What do you do?

You walk and you just keep walking.

Keep walking....

Life gets better?


What do you do?

Keep walking, keep walking

You just keep walking....



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rock_26iin | 09/01/2008, 20:32

Seriously dumbfuck, what's the point of spamming my blog?

Go wank off or something. Or wait, is your dick too small to even fit in your palm?

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rock_26iin | 09/01/2008, 20:52

And learn to fucking SPELL!

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Sanjukta | 09/02/2008, 03:11

Hi, came here because I wanted to sync up with the bloggers from Hyderabad for an event us, some of the Bangalore based bloggers are organising.. could you Help please? am leaving my email ID here...also leaving a link to a post which talks in details about the event I mentioned Blogathon India...waiting to hear from you.. :)

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Akhil | 26/02/2008, 18:44

If life were a person, she would say..."dude, I gave you the energy which you use to do what ever you wish to. So, shut up and keep walking."


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