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9 Jun 2004


Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 8:46am

  • Eat... pretty much all the time- as long as their jaws are masticating something-anything - the contentment quotient runs high.Chips,bits of fruit, shreds of paper etc
  • Watch a lot of TV -sports, weather (satellite updates, humidity patches, Venus transiting the sun/moon/whatever), news, runs and re-runs of Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Argue - about Sonia, punctuation, sports, size of boxer shorts, who gets the remote, who gets the DVD player, how much to pay the auto-wala, was Tendulkar actually run-out...
  • Jab fingers in the air - whther it's the usual 'akhara politics' thats up for discusion, stats of some cricket match played in the Carribean, cut-offs of colleges, headbanging, pointing to direction of fire, checking which way the wind is blowing - them digits are always jabbing frantically.
  • Refuse to have baths - and thereby indulge in appallingly low standards of hygiene

women, stop grinning...there's more to come...Guy's you wanna add-on what you actually like to do?

Current Mood: Evil
Current Music: U r so vain- Carly Simon


  1. By mls

    9 Jun 2004, 9:46am [ Reply ]

    The originalility is pretty refreshing compared to some repetitve stuff one receives in email time and again. Keep em coming ...

  2. By Neurotron

    9 Jun 2004, 2:39pm [ Reply ]

    *slaps forehead in amazement* Tell me you haven't just forgotten the most important. Tell me you left it out intentionally to keep your blog rating PG...

  3. By Aran

    10 Jun 2004, 10:57am [ Reply ]

    Neurotron, exactly what I thought... :D

    Btw, if I have four of those five qualities in me, does that means I have a boy's soul or something? This is just a hypothetical question, not that I'd have them!

  4. By The Rainmaker

    17 Jul 2004, 9:52pm [ Reply ]

    hehehe... great piece, captain.

    1,2,3 are a must for any *He*

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