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On the line

krishnaveni | 14 June 2008, 7:39pm

Have u ever wondered

How it is to know

And to not know at the same time

How it feels to stand on the line

But never get to cross it or step back

It comes from within

Something that urges you to

Prove urself

Make a mark

Coz in this world

U stand alone

And now u stand on the line

A step ahead has its consequences

So does a step back

U keep wondering how long

How long till the line vanishes

The line vanishes and a path appears

But this will be there

Until u know what u want

Until u know what u need

Until u know what u need to do

Until u know for sure

Coz when u r sure

The line doesn’t matter

A step ahead or back doesn’t matter

Coz its ur decision

And u stand alone

And u stand strong

U know what it has taken u to come this far

U know what it is to be here, on the line

And u also know

U also know what it takes to move ahead

So in the end

Its just u and the line

Its just u and whatever that lies behind or beyond

Its just u and that one step

Its just u and the line

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  1. 1. Re: On the line
    By high heel confidential  |  18 Jun 2008, 8:38am

    That made for really introspective read!

  2. 2. Re: On the line
    By Portuguese Man-of-War  |  26 Jun 2008, 9:27am

    Deep. I hope you are old enough to have discovered all this the hard way:).

  3. 3. Re: On the line
    By Mr.Nut  |  13 Aug 2008, 1:56am


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