The silent quota

josh | 20/06/2008, 15:03 hrs


Do you believe in magic?


It is astonishing how frequently we turn to luck, chance and fortune to make things happen, problems to sort themselves out and difficult situations to phase out.

A conscious look at ourselves as well as others around us can sometimes highlight this interesting fact, particularly in context of crisis. Do we really look for miracles?

If you were to make a list of difficult situations and how these were resolved, you might end up with a list that looked like this;

  1.  I have no idea how I passed the exam!
  2. I was sure we would run out of petrol, somehow the bunk came along just in time
  3. What luck! they had three tickets left
  4. My reservation got confirmed at the last minute
  5.  I am so glad you're here, can you help me with this? I am stuck

What really is it? No mentioning how things can swing right the other way and give you something like this;

  1. I knew all the answers, I just $%@#%^ up
  2. I ran out of gas at the traffic light, and the cop fined me for not carrying my insurance papers
  3. I swear the tickets were in my pocket
  4. They bumped me off the flight
  5. It was raining, my phone stopped working

Magic? Life? Both?

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  1. Re: The silent quota

    I think it's probability - we forget to count all the times we did not, for example, run out of petrol far away from a petrol bunk.

    And sometimes I think there are no official statistics for how many requests were not granted at Tirupati, and what the percentage is of total requests made.

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