aloque | 12/06/2004, 03:45 hrs

Glittering specks of heaven dust

ascend the sky at seven past

Some are hard to find in the crowd

they twinkle to live to a hundred proud

Some are fading, fighting to live on

but they all fall into dark oblivion,

Some shine short, without a care to live

but, the night's beauty is their's to give

No slow fade, no long life of silent glow

majestic, they rule the sky till they explode.

Current Mood: Heartbroken
Current Music: processor fan

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Responses to Star

  1. KaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBoooooooom!!!!!!!!

  2. dude, one post old, you aren't ready to explode yet!!
    btw, welcome to fh.

  3. Am I?

  4. ?

  5. you are but dont just yet

  6. Thank you pardner! mighty kind of ya.

  7. Hokay. :)

  8. this has to be the post with the shortest comments ever! until this anyway.

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