When I was a boy, I was given all my wants
Now that I have grown, care has begun to haunt
No more do I possess that flair
Which made me win everywhere
All of us go through ups and downs
When I slide I simply roll along
Plummeting into darkness of a bottomless hole
The earth seems to have let go of my sole
I scream but no louder than I could if my mouth was filled with soot
Or is it that my echo has given me the boot
I have none who I can turn to for help
Did you say God? He has become a curse
I am an atheist because whenever I found a reason
He simply performed acts of treason
Equal may be created all men
After that they are not the same
Some are born to win, others to lose
Those like me forever get the blues
We try, we work, we sweat out we toil
What we get in return is our blood on the soil
Hope is something the meaning of which we know
We exist on that, doesn't it show?
I travel, my destination hitherto unknown
My soul is lost, my body haggard and woe-begone
And yet, life moves on...

Current Mood: Gloomy
Current Music: November Rain