Officials of the newly formed Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) are in a dilemma about whether HMDA can issue building permissions in its jurisdiction. The confusion is due to two contradictory clauses incorporated in the HMDA Act on building permissions. Apart from the new applications coming in, over 1,000 applications are pending. These were received by HUDA, Cyberabad Development Authority and Hyderabad Airport Development Authority, which were abolished by the state government following the formation of HMDA.

As per the clause 8 of the HMDA Act, the metropolitan development authority does not exercise day-to-day control which includes building approvals and building enforcement in any development area for any matters which are under the purview of the local authority. The metropolitan authority can intervene in the matters pertaining to the overall development of the metropolitan region. Contradicting the clause, another provision 20 (1) in the Act says any person intending to carry out development on any land has to apply in writing to the metropolitan commissioner for development permission by submitting all the required documents.

In the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA) regime, officers used to give permissions for three and more floors including multistoreyed buildings in the HUDA region. The surrounding municipalities and gram panchayats used to give permissions up to ground+ two floors. In the GHMC area also, while all 18 circles offices including surrounding circles are clearing building applications up to G+2 and GHMC headoffice is dealing only multi-storeyed buildings. “There is a confusion over powers to give building permissions in the HMDA Act. But we will continue to accept building applications. The HMDA board will take a decision on this,” a senior planning official of HMDA told ‘TOI’ on Friday. Sources said that as per the 52 (1) of the Act, the HMDA can delegate powers to all the local bodies in HMDA jurisdiction for giving building permissions up to G+2 and retain powers to sanction permission three and above floors as it was in HUDA. Now there are two municipalities.Bhongir and Sangareddy and 849 villages in its jurisdiction.

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