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Neurotron | 15 June 2004, 11:45am

Destiny’s pregnant
with my fragile, unborn future
Yesterday’s trespasses are tightly sewn
I thought ; you ripped out the sutures
Tomorrow’s now a little less perfect, a little torn
And today’s still waters breed, grow stagnant.

Yet Time flows
washes warm over past misdeeds
Cleanses; as an indulgent mother
goes to work again with needle and thread
picks out the defective, destructive seeds
makes again my fallow bed
and with hope anew endows.

Tomorrow will wax brighter yet
And I will be cleansed of your debt.
The birth will be easy, the child less fragile
And I...
I will smile.

Current Mood: Feeling Better
Current Music: One - U2

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  1. 1. By Pye  |  15 Jun 2004, 12:45pm

    Very beautiful.

  2. 2. By aloque  |  15 Jun 2004, 3:07pm

    truly loved it. wish i could have written that!

  3. 3. By mls  |  15 Jun 2004, 3:45pm

    ~sigh~ some people really make you wish you could write poetry .. ~sigh again~

  4. 4. By Neurotron  |  15 Jun 2004, 5:38pm

    ~Pye : Thank you.
    ~mls: I know what you mean. Didn't know I could either..actually, don't think I still can! I think Pye knows a lot more about this stuff than I do.

  5. 5. By Pye  |  15 Jun 2004, 6:57pm

    You're doing better than I am if you don't think you know anyhing about it... makes me wonder what you'd do when you know. :)

    Really terrific, and I mean it.

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