That night has been etched in my memory forever; after all it was the night that changed my life forever.
I, Theagus a young juvenile prince hid behind the door of the old warehouse, anxiously waiting for Walter, the queen’s personal guard. I didn’t want to get caught easily for Walter has never failed. But this time it was different, for I hid in the warehouse that my grandmother forbade me to visit. Dim light poured in through the crevices and heavy downpour with thunders rode the sky. Darkness frightened my senses so I didn’t stray away from the door.The fact I was alone in the manor made me tremble, as wild thoughts invaded my imagination. As I stepped back, the floorboards creaked and instantly broke; I pulled out my leg in time. As I examined the broken tile I saw something shine beneath the boards. My heart rapped faster as I took a deep breath and my hand plunged into the hole. Soon I felt something hard and square. I carefully pulled it out and was surprised to see an old brown book. The sudden lightning revealed the golden words on it, ‘This Belongs To Slevinir’. I realized that I am holding my grandfather’s journal. My fingers carefully turned the fragile pages browsing it; though the pages were old but the handwriting seemed lucid. The journal seemed interesting but ended abruptly; I started reading the last page without knowing its implications.
It read ‘Today I Slevinir, Prince of Aspidochelone shall write my last words. I again met Krisuri for the last time and begged for forgiveness. Prejudice still shrouded her heart so she upheld the acoustic courtesy. My heart failed and I know I can’t live like this. A man whose conducts can’t impress even his beloved, how can he be expected to deal with emissaries and adversaries as a king? I can no longer prize her in my heart nor crown her in my mind, the mental agony is unbearable. She amply fills my head, her face an ambassador to my heart, I cry for her in bed. I shall cease this consciousness tonight forever. I also met my two close friends silver haired Ralphie and cut nose Rahl. How can a man live without food, how can I leave without seeing them. This Valediction is of my own accord so let her be happy for ignorance is bliss.’

I noticed the change in handwriting but continued,
‘my love, how could I have been so foolish, I loved you the same way you did, but forgiveness takes time for your sin is no less. I hold the same bottle the apothecary gave you, let me endure the same fate. I shall not lead my life without you; let the heavens join us in suffering’
Color drained off my face as thoughts clogged my mind refraining me to think clearly.
The door opened and an old man walked in “Found you, master Theagus, Queen Krisuri requests your presence.”I looked at the man, as lightning stuck I noticed the vivid cross cut on his nose and instantly called him “Rahl”
The man’s eyes widened, in fear and he replied.