Ho Hum. Another orkut login, another friend request.

Disclaimer: I am not implying I am extremely 'popular' on orkut. I have one of the most common first names in India, possibly even the world, which sometimes gets people who are looking for the namesakes to contact me. We should change the phrase, "Every Tom, Dick and Harry" to "Every Tom, Dick, Harry and <my name>".

I believe no one outside the law profession has inserted a disclaimer in the middle of a piece, and that in bold letters. Not that I think very highly of it. No, not the inserting of disclaimers, even though that is an exercise in existential escapism - no one stands for what they believe in anymore. I was referring to the law practice - no offence meant to the fraternity that takes great pride in keeping rapists out of jails, more so since my wife belongs to the brotherhood.

Since I am a man, it is usually a great ego boost to have someone else make the first contact on personal /community sites. For some reason, women never do that. It is almost as if the female of the species (all the feminists out there please note that the word 'female' has not been used as a derogatory reference to the fairer sex) fears that a male appendage will suddenly sprout between her legs if she ever did that. But that is a subject matter for another day. Like that day will ever come!

The matter at hand is me. Or rather someone making first contact with me. That is not a deal big enough to warrant an entire blog post - perhaps a paragraph or two at the most. That the contactee in question called himself 'loveble_man_hyd' is horrifying to say the least. More so because the contact message said, "Did you like my friend?" Most of us with an IQ slightly greater than that of a piranha would know that when a man asks you about his friend without naming the friend then there is only one friend he is asking you about.

Make no mistake. I am not homophobic. Not by a long shot. Given an entirely different environment to grow up in, I could have swung both ways. But that is all water under the bridge. I have never been asked about a 'friend' before. Something tells me, this is not going to be the last of it.

Note: The opening line to this post is a tribute to all the Shakeela movie reviews on this site. They are sorely missed. Perhaps the site admin(s) could throw some light on this.

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