Rumour has it that women are taking over the world. I have nothing against it. I give a rat's ass to whoever the world belongs to. I have nothing against women either. I just don't like them.

That is not a crime as long as I do not let my feelings come in the way when I am interacting with women. And, trust me when I say that I do not let my feelings interfere with my work. I don't work. I also don't discriminate against them - all my feelings are equally important to me.

Women have failed in their basic objective, which was to woo men. That is how the word came about. There were men and then there was this set of people who used to woo men. They have  coined atrocious words like chivalry to pass the baton of courtship on to us. Some of them even have no use for men. They are called lesbians. Put simply, lesbians are those women who have gone too far trying to do a man's job.

This post is not about women or about men who go on and on about how the world would be better off without the female of the species. It is about lesbians. And, this is of concern to us because I have insider dope that is run by a bunch of some really hot lesbians, not that their being hot is of any concern to me. But, when you call a lesbian hot does it mean that she is hot in the sense of a straight woman being hot or does it mean that she is hot in the sense a lesbian is hot to another lesbian? I guess we will never know because the woman who gave me the dope swings both ways.

I say, all women should be lesbians. Why? Because it would be one way to take care of the growing world population, once and for all. But, I don't even care two hoots for the world. So, why do I propose this? Because it would dramatically bring down stress levels in the heterosexual male. When there is no woman available for him to mate with, there is no reason why he should continue to spend more than a third of his waking hours thinking of sex and bikini models, thus giving himself no cause for anguish and frustration when he does not realise his fantasy.

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