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18 Jun 2004


Posted by Oblivion in General | 4:47am

It started with Google (by this time, it is common knowledge that it is the first-mover in many things online). The earth-shattering (virtual earth, I mean) news that it will open its services in e-mailing and that it would offer users a space of 1GB. To make this service

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  1. By bhai

    18 Jun 2004, 5:52am [ Reply ]

    I think the move my rediff and yahoo to increase the email space to a GB was just to save their rear ends. Google got it wrong by making their idea pulic wayyy before it could implement it.I think google could have made billions of people migrate from yahoo if it had gone straight to production and not the beta route.

  2. By bhai

    18 Jun 2004, 5:47am [ Reply ]

    Well the evil M$ has to follow suit. Right now 10mb of email space on motmail costs 19.99$ a YEAR..compare this with yahoo which's 19.99 for 2 fuckin GBBBBBBssss....

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