We like to make such a hullabaloo over doing good - following the path of rectitude, never hurting others, those sorts of things - even to the point of questioning etymological sensibilities of fellow beings. Going to bed each night with no guilt or remorse outweighs almost all, even if a part of that 'all' could be Heidi Klum. Truth be told, for the life of me I could never understand why anyone would pass up on Heidi Klum. But if that is what you truly believe in then all power to you, and not just those limited to gay rights.

Caustic though it sounds coming from me, there is inherent good in us all. And natural though it sounds coming from me, there is inherent bad in us all too. Yes, I might be biased under the weight of my prejudices but that does not mean I am wrong. It is very hard to believe that any human being (and I use the term 'human being' very loosely in that it is only indicative of the species homo sapiens) would not even for a fleeting moment wish for her wrong-doer to blow up in a car crash.

Again, it is important to note that the use of 'her' is simply a case of being gender neutral and is not suggestive of any personal references the same way 'May be what I believe is not affecting me is affecting me, or any other pseudo-psychological balderdash that could be suitably inserted in this space by self-professed psycho-analysts.' was not representative of any verbal exchange.

Finally, a day where Script Writer is issuing clarifications! And talking in the third person too. Not like he has his reputation to consider. If anything, his reputation was done no harm whatsoever by misinterpretations of his statements. But he has some morality left in him. He would rather have his succinctly worded racy statements cause upheaval. Not their adolescent misinterpretations.

It is indeed a mad world that we live in. Labelling the 'African-American' community 'black' is racist. Calling someone 'white' is merely representing heritage. The last thing we need is for people to make their own inferences of harmless statements, issued though they may be by those who normally make risqué statements. In all fairness, whenever they make such statements they at least make it very clear that these statements are suggestive.

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