One new years eve

aloque | 21/06/2004, 13:31 hrs

Loneliness has a way of leading you down the path of misery and longing, but also hosts the most amazing moments of delirious happiness and self discovery. 

Bottomline, true happiness is a feeling of content within self. And that, I think, only exists in sporadic moments and the balance of life catches up and teaches us to appreciate them all the more.

One new year's eve, I saw the sun go down over the ocean. It was a celebration in the skies as the aerial populace, each filtered the dying rays and coloured the sky in myriad hues of their own perspective. There was a ship on the horizon, dark, mysterious, intriguing, highlighted only by the now placid orb in its background. It was as if the ship was sailing right off the edge of the earth into the setting sun.

I walked along the beach, a golden streak of light shining its reflection across the water and merged with my shadow where the waves caressed my feet, each approaching swell countered by the recession of its predecessor.

The ebb and flow of life itself, nature's equilibrium dancing at my toes.

As the sand slipped away from under me, I was happy to be alone and insignificant. 


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Responses to One new years eve

  1. there is nostalgia writ all over this post. took me back tooo ... beaches... beaches at sunset .... damn wish there was one at Hyd.

  2. hey, sitting on necklace road at night isn't so bad! especially in the weather we've been having lately.

  3. i guess its not that bad, sometimes its better to settle with whatever you've got.

    if it were left to me, i'd rather talk to the waves of ocean ..

  4. *clap clap* Nice...

  5. pleased as punch, mr.n
    ... another fantastic place in hyderabad is where the rock concert was held recently in jubilee hills. almost 360 degree view of the city. breathtaking!

  6. u went to Ghotala??!! Bugger...I was in bluddy Bangalore..heard it was great.

  7. ghotala. never knew the place existed. have a friend who thinks he can get euphoria to perform there.

  8. nice...where was dis wondaful place u talk about maastah?

    PS:i can get euphoria to perform there as well...jus snap yer fingers n i shall get on it maastah.

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