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Dead and loving it!!!

krishnaveni | 10 December 2008, 6:14pm

Just wanted to post in something after a long time. Here it goes. . .


You can cry under the covers

because then no one would bother

you can pretend to always be sleeping

and then no one would see you weeping

you can smile and pretend to be happy

and you never need to tell anyone how crappy life can be

you can stand in front of the mirror

and scream out loud that you are okay


you know the truth

that you lie the loudest when you lie to you and you alone....

Current Mood: Lost
Current Music: Wonderwall
Currently Reading: The monk who sold his ferrari

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  1. 1. Re: Dead and loving it!!!
    By archenemy  |  10 Dec 2008, 7:12pm

    looks like life's happened to you... welcome to the world of the rest of us :)

  2. 2. yes you are right
    By swetthambari  |  10 Dec 2008, 7:21pm

    may be someone somewhere could stop uttering these lies to themselves after reading your thoughts

  3. 3. @swetthambari
    By devilsownbeauty  |  10 Dec 2008, 7:26pm

    easier said than done is all i can say

  4. 4. @archenemy
    By devilsownbeauty  |  10 Dec 2008, 7:28pm

    thanks [:)]

  5. 5. Re: Dead and loving it!!!
    By archenemy  |  10 Dec 2008, 8:37pm

    you have a nice blog, krishnaveni - you really should keep posting more often...

  6. 6. Dead and loving it
    By Aggressive to the Core  |  7 Feb 2009, 10:50pm

    do you know that life is not really this bad... you dont have to pretend anything... just take it light.. May be even after 25 long years in the world i could not see the real pain or no pain was ever greater than my joy. I see new joy in each day..

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