I write this for you as a reminder, as a warning sign of things to come, and also to inform you about the present state of your distorted brain. You have messed up careers, ruined lives, shattered immeasurable dreams and ambitions, broken hearts and caused adequate amount of trouble… So now enough is enough.

I want you back, back in the state of the bright young kid you were thought to be, back to the period when you were sane and rational. Back to the age when you admired things, wondered at marvels and did not curse people for their existence. I want you back to the classroom where you looked at the geniuses and wanted to be one of them, I want you back to the playgrounds where you looked at the athletes and thought you will be one. Back to the benches where you cracked science with your curiosity and inquisitiveness, back to the skits where you made people cry with laughter. I want you back to a time when you were a human being!

Now, you sway between opinions, shudder on viewpoints, stray on the same old ground. What have you found…? The same old doubts and uncertainties…? I wish you were back. Back to the era of silly laughter and trivial worries, back to a point where rules never mattered, clockwork was a fantasy and life was a journey. Now you feel the journey needs a destination, that clockwork is the aim and the rules are paramount.

This is neither a path gone awry, nor a failed hope nor is it a battle lost. This is a hurdle you chose to skip, a barrier you never broke. If only you were not tired and underprepared. If only you were not lost and never crossed lines you shouldn’t have crossed. If only you had the chance to change the lives you didn’t change. Now you wish to go, leaving me here on my own… Well I wait for you.

You were hailed and celebrated. You were applauded and commended. You’ve let me down, yet I trusted you. You’ve backstabbed, cheated, deceived, lied, taken advantage of and tricked, yet I trust you. A trust that will endure, a trust that will never die down, I want you back, I want you to return to innocence. I want you to become what you once set out to become… the acme of evolution. And I wait for you.