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23 Dec 2008

8 Days to Go

Posted by Oblivion in General | 7:37pm

Among the season's greetings that have come in thus far, I found this impressive. Cheers to the copywriter. 

It's that time of year again, when sappy eCards will be peppering the globe like reindeer droppings. But not everyone wants visions of sugarplums. We happen to prefer build-your-own monsters singing generic rip-offs of seasonal songs.

Don't you?

Your friends at Corbis

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  1. By luckychinna:

    24 Dec 2008, 4:24pm [ Reply ]

    ha ha :) yup, gud!

    ps: welcome back to the blogin world. missed you. :)

  2. By terminator:

    23 Dec 2008, 7:56pm [ Reply ]

    Okay, you'll have to explain that. And perhaps add any image that you left out.

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