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Lives together

krishnaveni | 22 March 2009, 9:57pm

Was watching Notting Hill, and this scene kinda reminded me a lot of things i was cynical about for a long time.

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant are walking in this private garden, and Julia Roberts stops near a bench and reads what is written on it-

"To June who loved this garden,by Joseph who always sat beside her"

and then she says "Some people do spend their entire lives together".

And then i realised, that my cynical thoughts have changed over the past few months. But Life has again brought me to a place where i am being forced to be cynical.

Dont know why. Dont want to know why. Because logic and reasoning dont work in matters related to heart. Reasons seem like excuses and Logic hurts like hell.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Current Music: Notting hill-"when you say nothing at all"
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  1. 1. Your poems
    By Bava  |  30 Mar 2009, 5:10am

    Dear Krishnaveni,

    You are my cousin, friend, and daughter too

    I am a secret admirer of your mum, dad and all of you

    Your great dad has been blessed with great kids and a great wife

    You are the product of a noble soul who treats the world as his family

    Your dad is my last hope and my only guarantee

    The whole world might give me up but he would never

    I have moved too far away from you all physically but my heart and soul beats for you

    You are my daughter and friend and I am your secret admirer

    Keep cool in times of stress as god teaches best lessons in miserable times.

    I would never forget my loving cousin. You are my hope in my stressful times and you will look after us when we are old.

  2. 2. Lives (Distant to the eye yet ) Together
    By mimosa  |  15 Sep 2009, 4:01am

    "To June who loved this garden,by Joseph who always sat beside her"

    and then she says "Some people do spend their entire lives together"..for times immemorable..

    wow..the topic and the movie are really touching.. ..its the quest of life...your thoughts are really wonderful...go on writing...tears will dry in moments...but the heart beats forever and you and the people you love and care for...

  3. 3. @mimosa
    By devilsownbeauty  |  1 Oct 2009, 11:07pm


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