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Jasz "The Spammer" A | 24/06/2004, 08:11 hrs

God help the people who believe that doing a small motivational course can get you all the riches and happiness in your life.
If it really was a key to unlimited wealth and boundless happiness, why would it be priced at Rs 4999?
Worse still are the Amway salespeople who suddenly care about your performance in college and the ,ileage of your bike just because they want to have a personal meeting with you so that they can explain the plan to you. What a sham!!
During the meetings, as "beneficiaries" walk upto the stage to "share" their experience, I wonder if any of them had a happy life and yet joined and succeeded. Every single person talks about his boos kicked his ass, his children pestered him, his wife nagged and suddenly after spending 4999, he has the most fulfilling life there is.

Whatever happened to good ole luck and god's grace.

Then there are those after-meeting social exchanges which really get to me. The plastic smiles, the furious number-exchange jig, the forced expression of interest in your shirt color. Why?

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  1. Ahem... Are you exaaittteeeeeeed???

  2. Visit fun_love4u

    Jasz did u ever try amway.. If u did then I am sure u might have failed.. Just b'cos u failed it doesn't mean that it doesn't work.. There are so many people are happy with it.. If u can't help atleast don't harm it...

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