Just Gushing

aloque | 24/06/2004, 09:47 hrs

The best mornings, I think, are those when I get up before the alarm clock goes off. A sign of the truly well rested body. The sun shining right in my eyes doesn't hurt them as much. The tooth paste tastes good. My voice in the bathroom doesn't sound so bad. And it sounds good when I take the tooth brush out!

  I can face up to the world of haatu haatu uncles and ghaatu ghaatu aunties on their early morning runabouts to office, and look at their freshly powdered and over madeup faces without cringing. The moron who will cross the road at the last moment will have me laughing at his stupidity rather than the usual thoo nee ammma.

There is nothing like getting up on the right side of the bed.


Current Mood: Grand
Current Music: youd shudder to hear, but there is going to be a lot of shuddering today!

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Responses to Just Gushing

  1. Sure as hell beats switching off the snooze button for 3 times, dragging your self out of bed and takin a catnap on da throne!!

  2. This hurts aloque. This post really hurts. People who get up after half the day's over... they shouldn't be reading this.

  3. man, ur last 2 posts have been brilliant.
    Ur so right abt the wakin up thing - God is in his heaven and all is right with the stinkin world, on such days.

  4. well, hey...
    this is like a rare occassion. am usually cursing the alarm clock like the rest of humanity.
    break one as a ritual after every final exam

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