The other day was waiting in the queue at McDonalds. The guy at the counter seemed to be fumbling at taking orders.  Seemed like a newcomer.  Patiently i waited while he took my order.  Suddenly this guy barges in and started asking him "boss where is my quarter pounder".  The guy at the counter handed him over his burger and said "sorry" to which this guy who was dressed up as a professional and holding a laptop retorted "boss iam waiting for 5 fuckin minutes for my stuff, and you're taking up so much of my fuckin time to deliver". The poor guy went red in face and was apologising profusely.

Its agreed that he cldnt deliver on his promise of delivering the burger in 5 minutes, but what i would like to know is if you have the right to absue someone jz bcos you happen to be a customer? The same thing could have been put across properly w/o any swearing in it.  Agree everyone is stressed out at the end of a hectic day, but does it give you the right to swear or shout at the other person.  Not everyone is good at reading your face c'os it doesnt carry the history of how your day treated you. 

The other person who is serving you is also a human being and he/she also deserves to be treated with respect and dignity of the same level which you expect for yourself.  Hmmm...too much of a peacenick ??? naah...but dun need to jump the gun for every small issue.

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