Bloody Good Life

aloque | 26/06/2004, 08:40 hrs

snow hardened

mountain of ice


it seems



slow trickle

in death set free


wild turbulence



in control

lost myself

river of thought

born again



Loneliness can lead to doubt, because it has always been accompanied by questions of why? Questions that are impossible to answer really, with any objectivity because every person is different, and so there could possibly be a 100 billion reasons why people are happier leaving me alone. So, why search for all of those reasons when it is just easier to accept that I am alone? Loneliness can sire a certain amount of compromise within ourselves, a self protective symbiosis with insecurity, if you will. Makes me believe I am socially inept. And as with all survivors, I too make my feeble attempts to move on but somewhere deep down, I know that it's not what I would have chosen, if I had a choice.

Its always amazing to get out there and do something fun that you've been putting off for the lack of the right company. I say being alone can be great. Much better than being with brain dead no fun losers. But being with interesting people is awesome. Brings out parts of me that have been accumulating dust at the back of my mind. Reminds me that I can be fun as well, real good for the self esteem. Makes me live who I really am as all my worries melt away.

Here is a cheer for all the interesting, intelligent people out there that make this life worth suffering the unpardonable fools that form the majority of us.

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  1. hmm.."unpardonable fools..."...

    u wudnt be referrin to some1 wud ya maastah? :|

  2. oh me? what makes you think that I am referring to someone in particular. i mean, it would be rude to single one person out, wouldn't it?

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