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Cradle of Filth

krishnaveni | 31 May 2009, 9:53pm

"Cold was my soul,

untold was the pain ,

i faced when you left me,

a rose in the rain.

So i swore to the razor,

that never unchained,

by the dark nails of fate,

be pushed through my veins again."

The above are the favorite lines of my favorite person.

Courtesy: A song called "Nymphetamine" by 'Cradle of Filth'.

Current Mood: thoughtful

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  1. 1. Re: Cradle of Filth
    By Annonymus  |  1 Jun 2009, 10:12am

    I guess you can do much better dear.. every other post of yours are like this only.. Sad, dark and pessimistic... heart breaks teach a lot take them and move on.. something I have learnt from my experience.. :)

  2. 2. @Annonymus
    By devilsownbeauty  |  3 Jun 2009, 9:28pm

    They are sad and dark...
    i wont totally agree that they are pessimistic...

  3. 3. Re: Cradle of Filth
    By Vemuri  |  17 Jun 2009, 10:33am

    Hope you remember me 'Vemuri' ... move on buddy... come out of that shell.. it will lead you no where...

    After couple of years if you turn back and see ... you can see only sad and dark moments in your life...

    Freak out with friends... Enjoy the life as if today is your last day...

    aaj ka gyan - "The point of life is that there is no point to it. So the best point we can aim at is to live it point by point and point to point."

  4. 4. @Vemuri
    By devilsownbeauty  |  18 Jun 2009, 10:56pm

    Stop assuming...
    First point in life, as i know it, is to not make assumptions when you know nothing [:)]
    that made me a lot happier than anything else...

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