U read it rite!! goddam bitch got to it before i did. lost my appetite for writin coherent sentences...

Jus wanted to say Kill Bill Vol.2 rocks!! Though yawn-inspiring in a couple 'o moments, its awe-inspiring for the major part. Not as fast-paced as KB V.1 but totally totally compensated for by d kik-arse ending. If KB V.1 was a cinematic orchestra composed to perfection, KB V.2 is the masterpiece which gives clear definition to the earlier part. Seldom are sequels worth the watch...but heck...this ain't no sequel...dis is jus a continuation...doh! i hav an amazin knack of makin meself redudant apparently.....:-S

In other news,i'm plotting a major MAJOR major eyeball-jumpin-outta-sockets balls-droppin-outta-sacks MAJOR consipiracy here....shall keep ya posted. this is all jus to give my blog's TITLE some meaning.

"too many secrets"? U BET UR ASS!!

watch  this space....all ye critters.


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