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Chinky - The Truth

| 07 July, 2009 20:34


 I hope you are reading this.

 I know you think you don't know me...truth is, I don't know myself anymore


I was the happiest when I was with you, even if I didn't show it. Since you've left, I've only gone downwards in this spiral of deceit and lies that has encased me since the very first time you left.


I am a different person with you and a different person without you.


Which one do you want me to be? You choose. 


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Re: Chinky - The Truth

stranger | 07/07/2009, 20:51

you have already chosen for yourself, i think.

Re: Chinky - The Truth

dinu | 07/07/2009, 20:57

no i haven't. you think i have because i told you i had chosen to mkae you talk to me

im broken. i cant take this anymore, please!

chill when emotions over run u

rohin | 02/08/2009, 11:58

its pretty true people respond rather desolately when they are dumped all of self pity, end of the world, i m not the same anymore. it is just u evolve further. they have to get over and keep movin on. if there has been a disconnect it means the person was not your soulmate. if the person is your soulmate wil return. so just chill. abhi picture baaki hai mere dost.

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