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At Wit's End

// | 07 July, 2009 20:52

Please talk to me tonight

For it's your last chance

I'm at my wit's end

Tomorrow, I will be no more. 


Chinky, Jaan, Love, Wifey, please talk to me 



Re: At Wit's End

she | 07/07/2009, 20:58

not tonight, not ever. it's too late now.
i protected you. i took all blame. i don't know what you think, but i'm wrong in everyone's eyes. i still protect you, and i don't know why.
the least you can do is protect me, but i don't think you would ever do that.

Re: At Wit's End

dinu | 07/07/2009, 21:02

i would try if i knew what was going on

someone tells me ur in india, someone tells me ur in melbourne. what do i feel? i feel ur stabbing me in the back again! why can't u tell me the truth abt anything?

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