Think it over


| 07 July, 2009 21:08

If we talk we can come up with something that will make them both quiet for the time being. We'll be a bit safer if we talk, we'll be worse if we don't. Please, unblock me. You want to, you know you do.


Somewhere deep inside your heart, my name still exists and you know it. For the sake of that little piece, please talk to me.


I love you. 


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Re: Please.

hotstuff | 07/07/2009, 21:16

no trust, no conversation.
it's as simple as that.

Re: Please.

dinu | 07/07/2009, 21:17

did u put any trust in me?

shes in hyd

shes in melbourne

shes in a hostel

shes at her grandparent's place

thats a lot of trust?

Re: Please.

hotstuff | 07/07/2009, 21:21

if there was no trust, there would have never been love even remotely close to what it was, there would have never been the intimacy, there would have never been anything.

Re: Please.

hotstuff | 07/07/2009, 21:23

i am running out of time too.
i cannot contact you directly because i do not trust that you won't tell on me.

Re: Please.

dinu | 07/07/2009, 21:24

love what it was....

it still is from me.

you changed.

i will not tell, i swear. i swear on anything u need me to.

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