Ecstatic Failure

Think it over

Trust | 07 July, 2009 21:20

we cant trust till we talk.

we cant talk till we trust. 

viscious circle.
p.s. chinky, nothings online. it was a scare tactic and nothing more. and you knew in your heart that i would never do something like that 



Re: Trust

no | 07/07/2009, 21:41

the fact that you have intended to several times says something.
have to go now. good luck, i wish the best for everyone for what is about to happen because i myself am unaware of what exactly is going to be put on the table.

Re: Trust

dinu | 07/07/2009, 22:08

the fact that i have intended to has to do with ur stubbornness and your completely unwillingness to listen to ANYONE ELSE.

and your stabbing me in the back and getting ur friends to stab in the back

and ur father's affecting my family.

thats what it says.

it says i react to a stimulus like anyone else. i just react more violently because of what u did to me in the past with that guy that cheated on u.

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