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aloque | 27/06/2004, 04:53 hrs

When a stranger's songs make my feelings painfully tangible, describe my emotions, better than I can myself, I know they are going to stay with me and that they will be a part of me for ever. Memories will forever accompany those words, and the emotions that lived then will live again and I am transported back to my past. Happiness, heart-break, gut wrenching sadness all reclaim the mind like they never left. But the difference lies in that they are empty now of threat or promise, just shells of their former selves, similar in appearance, but devoid of substance. And the fact that I have been down that road, fought those battles, and survived to look back always is a happy thought.

I will forever remember a dozen friends on a picnic singing 'always' at the top of our horrible voices, forever want to scream ' when love and hate collide', always think of love when I play 'november rain' and laugh at my pathetic attempts to ape the raw edge in brian adams' "please forgive me" as I tried to sing it over the phone. I will always associate ' I'll be there for you' with driving my car, trying hard to fight back the tears that related to every one of its words and revel in a trance every time ozzy sings 'solitude'.

Its harder to deal with emotions that are beyond us, just out of reach. Its that moment when those thoughts find an outlet that a song becomes my song, like it was written as a prophecy, perfect in itself, revealing its message only at the appropriate moment including in its understanding, the initiation of healing.

Going back has always been a pleasure.

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  1. Nice! extremely well put and very true.

  2. u readin me at 5 53 a.m, man?
    i am honoured but u a little crazy.

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